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Femi Luther Abegunde ACM ASMEC AITD is a certified management consultant with over a decade of consulting experience under his belt. Femi, a consulting maestro, in the many years of his pursuit of excellence has artfully garnered professional experience in Consulting, Program Design and Implementation, Team Development and Facilitation, Project Management, Curriculum Development, Performance Management, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Execution, establishing priorities and delegating tasks.

Asides his rich professional abilities, Femi has worked with SoftSkills Management Consultants as the Head, Learning Design and Implementation department. He also served as an Analyst with Human Performance Solutions. The Computer Science graduate who also cut his scholastic teeth with an Executive Masters in Project Management and Professional Masters in International Law and Diplomacy, has consulted for several organization and structured projects tailor-made for specific organizations.

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  • Femi Luther is an industrious young man who has displayed a high level of leadership skills and commitment towards the things of God. Exhibiting great interpersonal skills, he is doubtless a multi-tasker, who gracefully combines his role as a loving husband and father, with his other obligations as a dedicated pastor and diligent entrepreneur. He is very passionate about the word of God with which he has embedded himself, and is therefore a beacon of hope for this generation. Being a man who is gifted with words (both written and spoken) few words with which he can aptly describe include God-fearing, forthright, zealous, dynamic, inspiring, courageous, passionate, tenacious, studious and faithful. I believe that the sky is not the limit for Femi but the beginning and therefore ask you to brace yourselves as he unleashes from the treasures of his heart through this collector’s piece which he calls “The Power of Dimension”.

    Pastor George Duke
    Pastor George Duke
    RCCG, El-Shaddai Worship Centre, Surulere, Lagos.
  • I have known Femi for over a decade. We ran into each other in a bank. He was holding a book and that was our common denominator as we immediately had something to talk about. He is a man of character and integrity. He loves the Lord and His word. His hunger for wisdom can be very contagious and has over the years remained consistent in his pursuit of knowledge. He is one of the most prolific teacher of God’s word in this generation. I strongly recommend this work.

    Nathaniel Adegoke
    Nathaniel Adegoke
    MD, Project People & Business Solutions Company
  • Some key events readily come to mind about the author, who is my cousin. The first was when one of the nurses at the hospital where he was born announced ‘it’s a boy’ coming after four lovely girls, all who are now mothers. The excitement of the dad driving home that day was boundless. The second is that I can still remember vividly the picture I took with him on my graduation party in 1986, placing my UNILAG graduation cap on his head.

    The third was when I was accused of introducing Femi to the gospel leading to his joining RCCG, where to the glory of God he is now a Pastor. Femi, took to my advice based on the scripture that is one of his favourite scripture verse and his e-mail signature; “Wisdom is the principal thing…in all your getting get understanding”. The name Luther, came from the author’s belief in Name Power, the seventh dimension in his book’ Power Dimension’. You can contact me for the full story of how the name ‘Luther’ became part of the author’s name (laugh). The birth of his twin boys to him and his lovely wife was another moment that brought joy and laughter and finally this news of a book he authors.

    I have watched Femi grow and privileged to be placed on his path by Divine power to be the little influence I have been in his life. God will set his heart on fire and the world will watch him burn for Him.

     Felix Adesola
    Felix Adesola
    Pastor, RCCG Winners’ Way Loughton Loughton, Essex England, UK.