25 Feb 2014

History of Underwear
• Remnants of leather loincloths have been found with the remains of pre-historic man living more than 7,000 years ago.
• The loincloth is the simplest and probably the first undergarment worn by human beings.

History of Boxer Shorts
• In 1925, Jacob Golomb, founder of Everlast, designed elastic-waist trunks to replace the leather-belted trunks then worn by boxers.
• Around 1947, boxer shorts started to gain popularity again.
• Boxer shorts got a fashion boost in 1985 when English model and musician Nick Kamen stripped to white boxers in a 1950s style “Launderette” in a Levi’s commercial.
Intimacy is a powerful drive, second only to survival itself.
It is so powerful, it can make monkeys out of us. It can be dangerous to the point of wrecking families.
Sexual temptation is unavoidable in our sex-obsessed culture. Erotic images on billboards, films, television and a thousand other stimulants are bombarding you daily.
Being a Christian doesn’t exempt you from temptation – the godliest of men can fall prey to it.
Text 2 Sam. 13: 1-4, 10 -15
• 1 And it came to pass after this, that Absalom the son of David had a fair sister, whose name was Tamar; and Amnon the son of David loved
• 2 And Amnon was so vexed, that he fell sick for his sister Tamar; for she was a virgin; and Amnon thought it hard for him to do anything to her.
• 3 But Amnon had a friend, whose name was Jonadab, the son of Shimeah David’s brother: and Jonadab was a very subtle man.
• 4 And he said unto him, Why art thou, being the king’s son, lean from day to day? wilt thou not tell me? And Amnon said unto him, I love Tamar, my brother Absalom’s sister
Text 2 Sam. 13: 1-4, 10 – 15
• 10 And Amnon said unto Tamar, Bring the meat into the chamber, that I may eat of thine hand. And Tamar took the cakes which she had made, and brought them into the chamber to Amnon her brother.
• 11 And when she had brought them unto him to eat, he took hold of her, and said unto her, Come lie with me, my sister.
• 12 And she answered him, Nay, my brother, do not force me; for no such thing ought to be done in Israel: do not thou this folly.
• 13 And I, whither shall I cause my shame to go? and as for thee, thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel. Now therefore, I pray thee, speak unto the king; for he will not withhold me from thee.
• 14 Howbeit he would not hearken unto her voice: but, being stronger than she, forced her, and lay with her.
• 15 Then Amnon hated her exceedingly; so that the hatred wherewith he hated her was greater than the love wherewith he had loved her. And Amnon said unto her, Arise, be gone.
Announcement for GUYS & GALS
Proverbs 6:25 – 29
• Pro 6:25 Don’t let yourself be attracted by the charm and lovely eyes of someone like that.
• Pro 6:26 A woman who sells her love can be bought for as little as the price of a meal. But making love to another man’s wife will cost you everything.
• Pro 6:27 If you carry burning coals, you burn your clothes;
• Pro 6:28 if you step on hot coals, you burn your feet.
• Pro 6:29 And if you go to bed with another man’s wife, you pay the price.



Research Findings

About 20 percent more males and females are having sex today by the age of 18 than were in the early 1970s.

Research Findings

About 10 percent of 12 year olds, 40 percent of 16 year olds, and abount 80 percent of 19 year olds have had sex. Certain Facts About SEX

1. Sex is a good gift from God.

For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed. – Genesis 2:24-25

Let your fountain be blessed, And rejoice in the wife of your youth. As a loving hind and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; Be exhilarated always with her love. For why should you, my son, be exhilarated with an adulteress, And embrace the bosom of a foreigner?
Proverbs 5:18-20

Let the husband fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband. The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does; and likewise also the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. Stop depriving one another, except by agreement for a time that you may devote yourselves to prayer, and come together again lest Satan tempt you because of your lack of self-control.
1 Corinthians 7:3-5

Sex is sweet
We are all products of sex
We are all sexual beings
We got sex drives and desires



Sex brings ONENESS to its PLAYERS

1 Cor. 6:16

Sex is time defined.

When sex gets into a relationship , you lose sight of the important things

When we start touching, we will stop talking

When we start sleeping, we get slippery

When we start sexing, we will lose our senses

Great relationships follow this process of BONDING: SPIRIT – SOUL – BODY

Sex is an Healthy Therapy.

Behind every sex action there is a sex drive

Behind sexual drive is sexual need

Sexual need is created by activated sexual appetite.


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