Lessons from My Weekend Part 2

Lessons from My Weekend Part 2
23 Jan 2018

Saturday Night

After a lovely time at the Wedding Reception – seeing old faces, meeting friends, families, colleagues, getting acquainted with new faces – we headed to the hotel because “tomorrow is Sunday”.

Waoooo…. I forgot to mention that many people walked up to me to say words like

“I follow you on social media”

“I have head so much about you”

“someone said this …. about you”

“Good to meet you physically …”

These words almost set me on the edge… Another man walked up to me to say “I cancelled my trip to listen to you tomorrow. I have not heard you speak in almost 10 years.”…..Now God has to show up.

I went to the Hotel, broke my fast (did I mention I was fasting even through the wedding reception?), spoke to my folks and I went to bed. That was strange. No, it wasn’t. I had prepared the sermon before leaving Lagos on Friday. I chose to stay with the direction I was given. People’s expectation of me shouldn’t change the message I was given by God. I am only a Messenger.

I woke up in the early hours of Sunday to commune with the Heavenly Headquarters and we had a good time.

Lesson 12: Meeting people is one thing, connecting with them is another thing

Lesson 13: A good name is worth more than silver and gold

Lesson 14: Social Media is powerful. It takes you beyond your limited terrestrial influence.

Lesson 15: You don’t know everyone that knows you and everyone that knows you have an impression of you. Hence, treat strangers with dignity.


Church was lovely. The people were young but exciting. The protocol attached to me was detailed and hospitable. He was willing to serve from his heart.

How did I forget this? A lady was dedicated to drive us. She was very lovely. She looked very young, but we had one thing in common – Twins. She was a mother of two boys born on the same day. The tag team served beyond the call of duty (they were volunteers.)

Every segment of the service was exciting. It reminder me of my school days. I preached after my Host invited me to the Pulpit. He dug from the memories we shared in the past. He reiterated stories that we mere observations he made during our interactions. He was deliberate in picking learnings from our relationship, but I was casual in just being myself.

I preached on the subject “Get It: Values and Virtues “. (This will be shared later.)

After the message I was giving the honour to pray for the new couple. Then I proceeded to the hotel to change my clothes for my trip back to Lagos.

Lesson 16: The ‘devil’ is in the detail. The difference between quality and mediocre service is in attention to detail.

Lesson 17: Being dedicated to service is not a function of salary. It is a matter of the heart

Lesson 18: You may not have a second chance to create a lasting impression. Work for the moment.

Lesson 19: Mentoring does not depend on the Mentor. It depends on the Mentees intentionality

Lesson 20: Don’t allow your gender determine your service or area of work. Gender is matter of the body. You are a spirit with a soul. There is no gender in the space of spirituality and mental capacity.

My journey back to Lagos was a different kettle of fish. I will share in the next episode on Lessons from the weekend.


Femi Luther

Father, Teacher, Pastor, Speaker, Consultant

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