Lessons from My Weekend Part 3

Lessons from My Weekend Part 3
25 Jan 2018

The Journey Back

After changing in the hotel to a more comfortable wear -Jeans and a t-shirt, I was taken back to the park to join a commercial vehicle heading to Lagos. At the park, I was taken aback when I noticed several scenarios.

Scenario 1: An old man was selling an herb that cures every ailment. Only the Omnipotent God can do that. He advertised the product to an extent that it was so convincing.

Scenario 2: Two ladies were brought to the Park by their Lovers. How did I know? The romance was vivid and unashamed.

Scenario 3: After the vehicle was ready to move, the myriads of people that beseeched the driver for a tip was overwhelming. I said to myself “How much will be left afterwards?”


Apologies!!! I am just an observant person.

Back to the Journey…..


So, we proceeded to Lagos on a lovely path. The driver was cool, calm and collected – May be because I didn’t expect much after my previous experience with the ‘Renowned’ Driver.  As we journeyed passed several Towns, my stomach started making some lovely movement. The digestive activities over the night…into the early part of the morning and my movement during the Church Service had created the necessity for the large intestine to discharge waste through the anus. This has never happened to me before – In my entire life.

Questions filled my mind….

Can this wait till we get back to Lagos?

Do I have to stop the journey, so I can answer the call of nature?  – Nooooooo. This guy shouldn’t


Suddenly the need to discharge the digestive waste increased…. I started sweating… I changed my sitting orientation repeatedly. I laid hands on my stomach and I started binding the “pooo” ….. little did I remember that “somethings can not be bound. They need to be discharged. But do you know my full name? My name is BABAFEMI – My father loves me. So, He came to my aid. A mother with 3 kids swiftly told the driver – My kids want to “poopo”. The driver didn’t hear her, so I amplified my voice in a reported speech format to enable the driver to hear her (selfish interest). Then he stopped the car. Everyone can down for the kids. What they didn’t know was that I had disappear into the bush to answer the call of nature.

After a lovely experience in the bush which brought back memories from Secondary (High) school, I came back to the bus to meet everyone waiting for me -including the kids. What I didn’t want everyone to know suddenly came to the open – eyes closed. Anyway, we continued with the journey.

Another lovely time on the journey was when one of the ladies requested for the book with me. I gave her to read. After 5 minutes, I looked back to see that she just held the book in her hands. Then we started a conversation that led to a consulting intervention.

Femi: Are you not reading the book?

The lady: Yes.

Femi: Why?

The Lady: hmmmmm

Femi: It is boring.

The Lady: Yeeeesss

Femi: You are the second person to tell me that today

The Lady: Really

Femi: Yes. I agree that the book is boring. I have been reading it for about a year even though I have read several books in between. But, the book is loaded with gems for strategy.

The Lady: Please tell me what you learnt from the Book.


I spent about 15 minutes taking her through the rudiment of Strategy


The Lady: What do you do?

Femi: I am a HR and Management Consultant.

The Lady: Please Explain


The conversation was engaging. She challenged the relevance of my profession to organisations especially SMEs. I defended my business by exalting her Value proposition. I gave testimonies of various organisations that can trace their success to our business. Then I bought her over. Then she explained her business to me and I consulted for her for free.


Suddenly …we are at Lagos.



Lesson 21: No product is as good as its advert. Don’t base your buying decision on the advert. Intentionally seek the solution it proffers and validity of its promise.

Lesson 22: No matter how great you become or how great others perceive you, you are still Human and the demands of nature still resides in you.

Lesson 23: You don’t need an office to deploy your skills and talent.

Lesson 24: No one is entitled to believe in you until you believe in yourself. Until you are persuaded in yourself, you can not persuade others.

Did I tell you that my wife kept on calling and chatting me up intermittently?  Why?


Wait for the final sequel of this blog episode


Femi Luther

Father, Teacher, Pastor, Speaker, Consultant

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