Lessons from My Weekend -Part 4 (The Final Episode)

Lessons from My Weekend -Part 4 (The Final Episode)
26 Jan 2018

Back Home

There is no place like home. I got back home to the lovely arms of my wife and kids. It has been a while that I missed a night at home. They were eager to see and have me back. My kids asked several questions like:

  • Where did you go to?
  • Where is Akure?
  • Did you take an aeroplane?
  • Why didn’t you go by road?
  • Why didn’t you drive?

Suddenly, my Queen requested for a time with her King. The boys objected but they couldn’t resist the pleasure of watching cartoon – fantastic distraction.


Then my wife and I had a discussion about her pet project – Get Inspired TV. We went to do a video shoot of a Lady that had a come back in business after her office was demolished.


Lesson 25: Business, professional or ministry success can never fill the space of a personal relationship vacuum

Lesson 26: Never sacrifice your family for anything. It isn’t worth it.

Lesson 27: As a spouse, be interested in the success and fulfilment of your partner


Birthday Party

Did I tell you that that Sunday was my Executive Assistant’s birthday? I had promised to pay her a visit with my family.

When we got home, we had to get a gift for her. We eventually found one then we proceeded to her house. As we approached the car park, I discovered that a party was going on at the Open Roof. Waoooo ….I didn’t prepare for this. I was wearing a jeans and a palm sandal. We went for the party and greeted everyone and I had a great time meeting people but most especially seeing my kids jumping and running around and lifting them up with my hands. I jested and danced with me wife.


Finally, we need to go home because the next day was Monday – “workday”.


Waooo…weekends are made in china. They don’t last for always.


Lesson 28: You don’t have all the time for everything, but you can create time for what you deem important

Lesson 29: Intentionally create time for people who have a space in your heart.

Lesson 30: No matter how casual the occasion is guard your appearance by dressing a little bit higher than expected. Your appearance is the first assessment of your acceptance.


Thank you for taking time out to read my story. I am grateful.


Femi Luther

Father, Teacher, Pastor, Speaker, Consultant

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