Map Vs Territory

18 Jan 2018

I woke up with this overwhelming thought – The MAP IS NOT A TERRITORY…..  A PLAN IS NOT AN ACTION …  

Many people (including me)  gave a voice to the need  to have a plan ahead of 2018. Planning is strategic. Planning is deliberate.  It gives you an edge  in life because it prepares you for what you have ahead in life. Planning is a tool to jumpstart against inertia. 

Planning is a map. Map is a peep into the territory but it is not the territory. Planning is vital for effectiveness but planning is not the right action on the path to achieving results. 

Nothing works until someone works it. It is good to plan our actions but we must work our plans for us to generate the right results…..

Your plans alone can not fetch you results in 2018. You have to get to work on them. You must take deliberate steps to achieve your set goals. 

Nothing works until you work it. Get to work ….


Femi Luther

Father, Teacher, Pastor, Speaker, Consultant

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