11 Mar 2017

It hurt when people don’t learn from the past. The greatest gift man must pursue (after God) is the ability to learn. So many leaders have been incapacitated due the inability to learn from the past. Experience is a great teacher when acquired from others.

Hearing the saga of the new Super Eagle’s coach and dedicated goal keeper, my mind takes a short trip to Samson Siasia’s issue and the quick turn Nigerian’s made when his issue with some players led to our inability to make the Nation’s Cup.

Unforgiveness, bitterness and anger are cancerous energy sapping virus in any relationship. It misleads good intention. It corrupts visions. It overturns judgement. It eliminates previous success.

As leaders, we need to be emotionally intelligent. Leadership starts with the ability to lead self by self discovery/awareness, self management, self regulation and social awareness. These are the quadrant of emotional intelligent.

As a leader, we must also be aware of our follower readiness. All follower are not the same. Neither are they on the same frequency. Leading all followers alike is a myopic form of leadership. Situational leadership is more than a topic. It is a street sense.

As followers, never make a permanent decision from a temporary situation. Momentary emotion-driven decision always truncate the flight of a vision. Never make a decision when your emotions are gone on rampage.

Many followers have lost their crown when they chose to retreat at the brink of a resounding applause.

This piece is not a political statement or an appeal to NFF. It is a COMMON SENSE lesson for the COMMON


Femi Luther

Father, Teacher, Pastor, Speaker, Consultant

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