What My Father Taught Me

What My Father Taught Me
21 Jun 2017

What My Father Taught Me

My Father was a man of wit. His intelligence was evident in his legacy. He was almost an octogenarian. He was healthy and fulfilled. He was not owing any one. He had all he needed even though he was very simple. I grew up to become his only biological son yet he was a man with many sons. In his few days on earth, he taught me several things.

On this special Father’s Day, I will love to share 20 Things My father taught me. This is to encourage sons and daughters that find no example in their biological fathers. This piece will also enforce the lessons many of us have picked from our good fathers. This writing will also galvanize our thoughts on success and effective living.

20 Things My Father Taught me

1. There is so much dignity in labour and there is so much ignominy in laziness. My father taught me to respect work and those who work regardless of the kind of work they do. Laziness brings ample shame – may be not immediately but in the long run.
2. The word “divorce” rest in the dictionary of weaklings. He never believed in divorce. He taught me to work on my marriage. He says what your marriage becomes is your choice and fault. He was married for almost 50 years. His marriage was blissful.
3. In the school of priority, Family is the principal whilst money is the student. He never pursued money to the detriment of his family. He disobeyed several orders from his boss when I came into the equation. While growing up, we ate dinner as a family, breakfast on weekend was as a family. The best way to build the family is to love your wife and children. You have to keep on loving them despite their imperfections.
4. Prayer changes anything. My father prays over anything and everything.
5. Education is life. He believed so much in education. He ensured that we all get educated. His five children are graduates of several institutions. He sacrificed and sold his possessions to make sure this was done.
6. Adultery is never a mistake but a choice. He held fidelity in high esteem. One of the evenings, he sat me down teaching me about the dangers of infidelity.
7. Contentment is an advantage. One of the evenings, he told my wife that the secret of longevity is contentment.
8. Because you can do it does not mean you should do it. There are consequences for every action.
9. You are unique. Don’t compare yourself with others.
10. Legacy is not what you leave for others. It is what you leave in others. After my father died, we never gathered to share his inheritance. It was of no use. We inherited his philosophy for living.
11. The greatest room in the world is the room for improvement. My father believes that greatness is elastic. It cannot be boxed. He will drive you until your good becomes better and your better best.
12. Because others have it does not mean you need it. Always stay on your lane.
13. Time time else time will time you untimely. Time is a scare and available resource. He loves to sing this song “Time na money ,time na money…”
14. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. He believes that actions are seeds and your results in life are the harvest of your actions.
15. Because you lost an argument does not mean you are a loser. Sometimes in life, you have to lose an argument to win the relationship. He lost several arguments with my mum…even my humble self but he won our heart.
16. Falling does not mean the game is over…it is a part of the game. You need to learn how to rise up again and again.
17. You need to learn how to let go. Everything that comes your way will not always stay with you. Everything that comes your way is not for your keep. Some will go and some will stay. Keeping those that want to go may make you lose those that need to stay.
18. Respect all men including your children. Respect is not for the aged alone. It is for all creation
19. There is no dignity in stealing and lying. What you steal to get will eventually be stolen from you. What you lie to acquire will need a composition of lies to sustain.
20. No matter how high you climb, never forget your source (where you are coming from).

Happy Fathers’ Day to all men.

By Femi Luther-Abegunde


Femi Luther

Father, Teacher, Pastor, Speaker, Consultant

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